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TERTSA (Τερτσα)

Tertsa is a small village in southeast Crete. This picturesque village has a wide sand and pebble beach with small bays. Tertsa’s climate allows for open air cultivation of bananas and tomatoes

From Tertsa you can do several beautiful walks and subsequently relax on a choice of several beaches.  This tiny village  has a kafeneion, several tavernas, and a minimarket.  Protected by the Dikti mountain range and several lower lying mountains and hills, the village lies in a small valley. You can actually call this “One big  vegetable garden”.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, oranges and lemons all grow here. But there are also many different varieties of flowers and herbs.  At the end of the “garden” is a tiny Orthodox church under a huge palm tree.  Tertsa is characterised by its unusual subtropical microclimate. Banana plants growing outdoors without the need for a greenhouse are examples of this. Tertsa remains largely untouched by modern mass tourism.