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MIRTOS (Grieks: Μύρτος)

Far from the noise and bustle of popular tourist resorts, you will find the friendly village of Mirtos with typical Cretian hospitality. The local people of Mirtos have welcomed tourists from throughout Europe for over 30 years.

The people of Mirtos appreciate visitors who respect their traditions. Mirtos has maintained most of its original character and around 700 people are permanent residents of the village.
Mirtos is a lively village where everyone feels welcome. When you walk through the village on a beautiful evening you will find most people are outside and they will give a friendly greeting.
With its charming boulevard and cosy tavernas, Mirtos presents an authentic Greek atmosphere. However tourists are also catered for with its lovely well known beach and the opportunity to hire beach chairs, parasols and some water sports equipment such as water bikes or surfboards.

Compared to the northern coast, Crete’s southern beaches are sunnier and warmer. Mirtos has a local subtropical microclimate as it is protected by the Dikti mountains and the climate is unique to the island. Spring and autumn are sunny and people from other parts of Crete travel to Mirtos to take advantage of this. The winter is mild. The summer is of course very warm, but because of its seaside location there is always a cooling sea breeze. 

Mirtos is a typically traditional and charming Greek village. Visitors quickly feel at home and many return year after year.