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Tips & Hints

Spitimas tips

Spitimas tips and hints

Dear guests,

As you know, Spitimas is a private owned villa. Therefore you’ll find an “owner’s closet”, a (partly) locked wardrobe in the bedroom downstairs, in which I keep my personal things.

There is enough space for clothing in the master bedroom. Besides that you’ll find storage room underneath the beds in the 2nd bedroom.

As advertised you can use the provided (bath)towels free of charge. The beds are ready for use upon arrival. If you wish the sheets to be cleaned during your stay, please discuss this with the housekeepers. Or feel free to do the cleaning yourself. There is a washing machine at your disposal. The housekeepers are more than willing to assist you, as the display is in Greek.

Manuals of the electric appliances/equipment (mostly in English) can be found in the upper drawer of the cupboard in the kitchen. Here you’ll also find dish towels etc. at your disposal. You’ll also find stuff like napkins, candles etc. I kindly request you to keep the stock and if necessary, take care of refill. In the cupboard drawer an electric torch is kept in case of power outages. Please make sure this torch is returned into the drawer after use.

In Spitimas you’ll find books and magazines (some English), as well as some (board)games. Feel free to use them!

Salt, pepper and other spices are being kept in the kitchen.  Feel free to use and refill if necessary.

A filter coffee machine, a Dolce Gusto cup machine and a jug are also present. Please do not use the tea pot for coffee!

Use of glasses at the swimming pool:
Please do not use glass in the environment of the pool. Broken glass can cause serious damage to people.  Therefore the use of plastic cups and cans is highly recommended. Thanks for your understanding!

Some practical information regarding mosquitos, insects and other vermin and the use of the airco’s:

Insects and other vermin:
As you know Spitimas is partly surrounded by mountains. You might find some vermin now and then.
I strongly advise you to close the shutters, especially in the evening, to avoid mosquitos in the villa.

In the kitchen cupboard special mosquito spirals are stored and free for use. They spread a special aroma which keeps the mosquitos at a reasonable  distance. Again, please refill!

Greek wasps like meat instead of sweet things. If you want to have dinner on the terrace, I advise you to put some small pieces of meat in the vicinity, to keep the wasps away. After sunset the wasps are gone.

Please make sure you only use the airco’s if you are inside Spitimas. After 5 minutes you’ll find the effect inside. Please be so kind (also for your own convenience!) as to put the temperature not lower than 24 degrees. If you wish you can use the timer on the remote control.
A fair use of electricity is included in the rental price. In case of extreme electricity use, an extra fee will be charged of € 0,44 per kWh.

CD player:
A CD player, including I-pod connection and Bluetooth for tablets is at your disposal. Please respect the volume and the evening rest.

Crete does not have a sewer system as we have in Western Europe. Please DO NOT throw toilet paper in the toilet, but in the basket beside the toilet. Thank you!

Bakery, butcher, ATM machine
Besides a variety of restaurants and a boulevard, in Mirtos you’ll find a bakery, a butcher and some super markets. To go to Mirtos:  leave the property and take the road down. When you arrive at the main road, go left. Just follow the road until you’ll reach Mirtos. (Beware the road through Mirtos is a one way road). During the holiday season an ATM machine for cash money is available next to Hotel Mirtos.

In Ierapetra several supermarkets such as Lidl, Synka and all kinds of other shops are found.
I hope the above can and will be of help during your stay in Spitimas. If you need any additional advice or assistance during your stay in the villa, please ask the hospitable housekeepers Ton and Annette de Jong. You can reach them through the mobile number +30 6931820789. They will help and assist you as much as possible. 

I wish you a pleasant stay in Spitimas and hope to welcome you again!

José van den Brink